See what UNSW students say about their virtual Learning Abroad or Exchange experience
APRU Virtual Exchange Program - Korea University
A highlight was meeting and interacting virtually with new people from around the world.  Make sure you talk to as many new people as possible!

UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
Sciences Po
 The teaching staff at Sciences Po were one of the highlights.  Try to adopt a consistent sleep schedule if you have overnight classes.
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
Sciences Po
 The courses were fantastic. Lecturers were experts in the field, and subject matter was much broader than that offered at UNSW. I also really enjoyed the high level of class participation at Sciences Po.
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
APRU Virtual Exchange Program - UC Santa Cruz
 I recommend students have a look at APRU's Virtual Exchange Program, at the list of universities and see if there is a subject that interests you. If you can use it as an elective, then I would really give it a go. I have not done history since high school, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the content and the fast paced environment that introduces you to new ideas
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
Northern Arizona University 
  The highlights included being able to meet students globally and understand financial markets from an American perspective.  
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
York University 
  I got to connect with Indigenous students from other countries and learn about other cultures.  Make sure you connect with your classmates.  I found group work really helped for my virtual exchange.  
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
University of Ottawa
 Being able to take courses not available at UNSW and gain different perspectives on course content from students and teachers from different cultural backgrounds was a definite highlight.  
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
University of Birmingham
Getting to make friends with people from the other side of the world was a highlight of my virtual exchange.
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
APRU Virtual Exchange Program - Korea University 
I think the highlights of my virtual exchange included having the opportunity to take courses from another university and experience their way of teaching; meeting different people from different backgrounds and universities; and also being able to take general education courses that I am genuinely interested in.
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
Beijing Norma University 
I loved being able to access the exchange experience from the comforts of my home.
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
 Manchester Business School
The virtual exchange gave me an opportunity to expand my study experience and to be able to network online with many friends from other side of the world.  I strongly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity - the courses are fantastic and the experiences are interesting and meaningful.
UNSW Virtual Exchange Student
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